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Silver and Light

Key elements about this short film:

Sacrifice - The artist demonstrated how sacrifice is required at times when you have an endeavor or project you intend to perform.

Passion - As the artist showed, having a passion for your art and what you hope to accomplish can help as you deal with challenges.

Self Motivation - was emphasized as the artist had to trust in his ability to see his project through. Even investing his life savings.

Being discouraged - The video reminded me that there will be times when i may be discouraged. the artist in the video used his confidence in what he believed was possible to overcome being discouraged. That is a good lesson for us all.

Finding Inspiration- was the other part of getting through tough times for the artist in the video. As an Artist inspiration is life a breath of fresh air. It reinvigorates our passion for our art.

Cameras as time machines - I can relate to the photographer's concept of cameras as time machines. As I reflect on the concept, I feel that because cameras allow us to capture brief moments in our lives and hold them still, thinking of them as time machines is clever and fitting. As long as we keep the images, the emotions and memories attached to the subjects of the photographs will help us to remember past feelings and emotions whenever we view the pictures.

I appreciate how devoted and creative the artist in the film was in his chosen medium.

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