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During my recent study of a chapter from Letters To A Young Artist, I found one subject specifically relevant to me. During this early chapter the author was discussing how she had been interviewing Melvin Van Peebles about exercising and what it takes to keep in shape.

Discipline was emphasized as the key to him maintaining his physique. In the interview Melvin Van Peebles mentioned that if he did not exercise the first thing in the morning...everyday... before he did anything else he would likely not exercise. The author discussed how the choice of having a coffee or having a run held a significant dilemma.

So, my interpretation of still-life with reference to the book Letters To A Young Artist is composed of a diptych featuring my running shoes and a cup of coffee. I am an avid coffee-drinker. I am not so much of a runner. I took from the chapter that artists have to just get up and do whichever kind of art motivates them. If an artist decides to delay until a better time of day, week, month, or year there is no telling how much progress would be lost from their work.

Jog or Java

I call this diptych Jog or Java. It is another photograph based on the same chapter referencing discipline. I saw examples of still life where a person was involved so, I wanted to do two examples. One focusing on the inanimate objects alone, and one with a person included.

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