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About Me


If you want them I can do them for you. If you have them I can maintain them. I perform natural locks to bring out your true self. During my own dreadlocks journey I discovered how rewarding and validating it is to let your inner self shine through natural expression. It is my goal to help people be themselves and forego the need to add harmful chemicals to their bodies in the search for public acceptance. You are on a path to enrich your life in a way that no one can take from you.

Come to me so that I can aid you on your natural locks journey.

"Live Locked and Love Yourself"! 

Professional Info


I am skilled in different methods of locking hair which I use to achieve the look that you desire.  I can come to your residence to provide for a calm and relaxed experience. 

  • All ages welcome

  • Unisex welcome 

  • Reasonable price

  • Flexible schedule

  • All ethnicities



Backcombing/ Palm rolling


Comb Twists​

Scalp Therapy

Dreadlocks maintenance​





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