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Museum Of Photographic Arts Visit

MOPA VISIT - Victor Pringle

On Saturday the afternoon of the 8th of September I took the 45 minute drive to the MOPA exhibit.  Before I left, I called to ensure that cameras were allowed. The commute was nice and the weather was pleasant. Parking on the other hand was not. Eventually I found a good place to park. I also decided that this was a great time to break out my new DSLR camera.  I purchased the new Canon Rebel EOS T6.     Once I finally found the building I made my way into the first hall and was actually surprised by a food station called Café In The Park! A medium mocha coffee, a banana, and a carrot cake hit the spot. Onward to the American Cathedrals Exhibit! ...or so i thought!     Those exhibits were displayed a few years ago. Today, the exhibits are presenting the works of Erica Deeman and an exhibition on SOUND expressions in pictures and video. The featured artists were young school-aged kids ranging from about 9 to 18 years of age.  

ERICA DEEMAN The focus of her photography was on the style of silhouettes and on the color brown


I liked the commentary by the photographer and her idea of using a color background close to her own skin tone as a way to interject herself into the pictures with the subjects. I share her cultural dilemma of identity and the significance that dilemma borne when a specific cultural identity of origin is not confidently known.