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San Elijo Hills Town Square

I enjoyed my visit to the San Elijo Hills Town Square. The old style structures and buildings remind me of many places in the east coast. I focused on capturing how light reflected on and around architectural dimensions. The featured structure was the fountain in the center of the town square. I used the environmental lighting from the background to illuminate the water falling. The light had a heavy glare so i dampened the illumination and adjusted the hue to a bluish tint.

I selected a modified black and white for this picture because I wanted to emphasize the vintage feel of the area. Notice how there is slight colors remaining in the stop lights and the news magazine box.

I captured a good contrasting light and shadow on the angle of this post. I adjusted the hue toward a purple to add a creative spin.

Here a compiled leading lines with a silhouette of the fountain.

I used the environmental lighting to compose a hair light effect.

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