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About Me... VSAR 302

You can see from this website i am a dreadlocks stylist. That is only a section of the current chapter in my story. I am an Artist first an foremost. I have spent 9 years proudly serving in the United States Navy. I specialized as a Dental Technician/Hospital Corpsman. Later, I pursued Dental Hygiene as a career. Unfortunately, was unable to acquire the degree necessary to assume that position.

Never one to stop doing something, I continued as a Registered Dental Assistant for many years. At the same time I have been rewarded with the most significant role in my life...a proud father of a darling girl. Subsequently, I continued with my art endeavors as a hobby. Last but not least, my love of education has allowed me to continue as a scholar.

As of now, my pursuits are to be the well educated father to my daughter so that I can guide her in her pursuits. I am a Behavioral Therapist working with an organization which helps families. My current studies are a blend between Human Development as a major, and Arts and Technology (Visual and Performing Arts).

I feel that a well rounded person should be experienced in the sciences, as well as in the arts. I have always loved photography, drawing, and music as the most profound influences in my life. Therefore, Digital Photography is just what the degree planner, course advisor ordered for this semester!

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