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Self actualization

What is Self Actualization? To say that it is equivalent to knowing oneself would be erroneous. For those of us who seek to improve upon our lives and to impart similar improvements to the world around us, self actualization is a life's goal. According to the famous Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, self actualization it is the end goal. Along the way to reaching individual achievements we all must begin with successfully acquiring the basic human needs such as food, shelter, etc. Along the way up the pyramid of our social lives we must have the willingness to accept ourselves as we are and believe in our own goals for what we plan to accomplish.

We are sure to encounter challengers who would have us give up on ourselves for the sake of fitting in. Societal norms, and popular appearance prerequisites dictate that all conform to the dominant culture or suffer. Even those who are closest to us will seek to have us give in up on ourselves.

As one person who has had their time in the furnace during the journey of self acceptance such as with the dreadlocks journey, I can safely say that the journey, struggle, and commitment to a declared purpose must be endured during a person's development into maturity. At this point, I have achieved success during my dreadlocks journey as well as my personal journey to hold steadfast to what I believe in. This website which I welcome you to is the result of years of climbing towards my goals. I have matured and have helped others along their way to self love. So, it is with the most sincere of intentions that I exclaim to all of my natural dreadlock community to believe in yourself, believe in your goals, and follow my motto..."Live Locked and Love Yourself".

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